Dr Wesley Trowse – Chiropractor
B.Chiro.Sc. : Master of Chiropractic

About Me

Dr Wesley completed a Bachelor degree in Chiropractic Science, and a Postgraduate Masters degree in Chiropractic at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

He has since owned and run practices in South Australia, Scotland and England. On returning to Australia, Dr Wesley has taken his passion for Chiropractic to The Parade in Norwood and Kensington, where he loves the social and active lifestyle of the local community.

“My interest in Chiropractic began when I first suffered a spinal trauma when waterskiing as a young boy. I was referred to my Chiropractor by my GP, who explained how Chiropractic could help, and educated me about my health. After observing the positive results for myself, followed by each member of my family, it was inevitable that I would become a Chiropractor.”

Family & Sports Chiropractor

Wesley works as a family Chiropractor, with a passion for improving posture, health and wellbeing. “I have been inspired by the patients I have seen and their own improvements gained through Chiropractic.”

Dr Wesley also works with local athlete’s, helping them improve performance and prevent injury. “When your spine is functioning at it’s best, it allows the body to perform at it’s best. Once your core is strong, you can really improve and gain in your training and on game day.” Dr Wesley has furthered his passion for sport and chiropractic by continuing his professional development, studying with the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic.  He has also furthered his knowledge through studying with the Carrick Institute of clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation. 

Local Community

I grew up in and live in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. I enjoy keeping physically fit, hiking, and avidly supporting organised sport. I have a passion for travel and enjoy experiencing new countries and their culture.

Life is physically challenging and receiving Chiropractic care on a regular basis maintains my ability to help others in need. I exercise five days a week and place a large emphasis on adequate nutrition to maintain this healthy lifestyle. I strongly believe in eating plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit, fish and organic meat.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to educate and create awareness that health is normality and that “optimum health” is achievable through correct spinal movement, exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive outlook on life.

We all have it within ourselves to achieve optimal health, and I am committed to helping people on their health journey.