Dr Wesley Trowse – Chiropractor
B.Chiro.Sc. : Master of Chiropractic

Chiropractor Dr Wesley Trowse Parade Chiropractic Norwood and Kensington Gardens

About Dr Wesley Trowse

Hi there, I’m Dr Wesley, owner at Parade Chiropractic Clinic, and have been a Chiropractor for over 9 years. I am an avid traveller and culture fiend, a wine enthusiast, novice triathlete and all round lover of life.

I began my chiropractic journey as an 11 year old. Growing up, I had regular waterskiing accidents on the river Murray. After seeing the benefits of chiropractic for myself and my family, I decided chiropractic was a great lifestyle choice.

“A healthy lifestyle success strategy”

After secondary school, I completed a Bachelor in Wine Marketing at Adelaide Uni, and worked for a year in Mclaren Vale. I loved the two beautiful little vineyards I worked for, but I realised I had a passion to help people with their health. So I switched focus and moved to Sydney to study chiropractic for 5 years at Macquarie University.

“Health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being ”

I’ve been a chiropractor for almost 9 years now, and worked in clinics as far as Scotland and England. I have loved helping people from a variety of backgrounds, but a real highlight was working with a British swimmer, helping him achieve his first Gold medal in 50m Butterfly at a London International Swim Meet. You can watch a video about his story here.

Most of all though, I love helping everyday people like you and me. I know what it’s like to have a bad back. I recently went through a 2 month period of low back pain and sciatica, (not fun), so can relate with what you may be going through.

You can watch a video I recently shot here, explaining the number one exercise you can do for your back, which really helped me.

If you are in pain, are feeling older then your age, or seeking guidance with how to look good (posture), feel good (health), and move well (function), then you sound like a typical member of our little tribe at Parade Chiropractic. We’d love to help.

We like to keep your health care simple: less reliance on drugs, movement is medicine, and the best person who understands your body is you, so we listen.

You can find out what to expect on your first visit here, or you can call the office on 08 7226 6862  or book online, to make an appointment.

Dr Wesley